Slow going (#SFWApro)

Sigh. I’m at that point where all my unfinished short stories are in the very early draft stage (or not even at first draft yet) so they all look like they suck. Intellectually I know most of them will eventually turn into something good, but right now it feels as though I’m wasting my time on writing that will never work. It would be nice if a couple of them were further along so I could feel better about them, but they’re not. I know this is only a temporary phase but it’s still frustrating.
I didn’t get as much done Thursday or Friday as expected, partying with friends both Wednesday and Thursday nights having slowed me down. But I’m still pleased with what did get done:
•I got my 5,000 words in on Danse Macabre for the month. And after a chapter of everyone sitting around because I couldn’t think what would happen next, I thought of something to happen next. That should propel me through next month’s 5,000 words too.
•I redrafted Oh, the Places You’ll Go, trimming out a lot of stuff so that it’s coming down to a struggle between two women over a mysterious atlas of the future (among other things). However it still needs more motivation for a struggle: right now, there’s really no urgency to it. I could just make Helen Sullivan an out-and-out villain, but I think keeping her more sympathetic works better. The urgency will have to come from something else.
•I finished the first draft of All The Stage is a World (provisional title). It badly needs a better ending, but the story itself is interesting—more laid-back and real-world than most of mine are. I want to keep that, though I’m not sure how to get an ending out of it yet.
•I reworked Mage’s Masquerade for the first time in a couple of months. Originally it was a Regency fantasy, then I changed it to more of a Regency SF story. Only the exposition of the SF was awkward (Regency-with-wizards, by contrast, doesn’t really need an explanation), so now I’m trying a hybrid: Everyone talks about magic but my protagonist sees the science behind it. I’ve also reworked the flashback structure into a straight timeline I think will be less confusing.
•I took a look at Brain From Outer Space‘s outline and I must admit, it looks like it’ll work. We’ll see how it plays out once I start the rewrite in Jan.

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