Learning Curves (#SFWApro)

No, not the short story currently available for download in Philosophy and Fairy Tales, learning curves in my life.
(And by the way may I point out how totally subtly I marketed my ebook! You probably didn’t even realize you were being marketed to … until I told you in this paragraph. Darn it!).
Basically I learned my ideas on tweaking my schedule are effective, though not invincible).
Monday I had to go mail my last Christmas packages. I discovered that having actually built in three hours during the work week for non-writing activities (besides lunch. Lunch doesn’t work so well) made it easier, not only to do the job without guilt but to get back to work promptly afterwards. One hour down, only two left, better not waste time!
Unfortunately, after going to my writer’s group Tuesday and talking a lot, I found my throat hoarse and the bug I had last month mildly resurfacing. So I wound up spending a lot of time Wednesday and Thursday napping (the fact a friend texted us late Tuesday night and I couldn’t get back to sleep for hours didn’t help). No amount of schedule tweaking can overcome feeling sick.
However, instead of just wasting my time staring at the computer and telling myself I’d start writing any second, I just stopped. Read. Watched a movie. Which is not productive, but it’s enjoyable, and much better than the Screwtape Letters scenario where I neither accomplish anything nor have any fun.
And I did make my quota for Demand Media writing, which for practical reasons is my top priority (if they weren’t closing over Christmas, I’d have done less of them, more of fiction, but no).
I also applied for another freelance gig, no answer yet. And I did rewrite my short story Kernel of Truth. I think it needs more hints of the supernatural up front, and now it has them.
I also found an agent online I think I’ll pitch my steampunk novel Questionable Minds to.
If not a wildly productive week, at least it was an instructive one.

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