Good week and good news (#SFWApro)

The good news being that I sold I Think Therefore I Die to Sword and Sorcery. I had two stories come back, but the stings are ineffective by comparison to the I-sold-it buzz.
The week as a whole was good. I made all my quotas for the first time in a while so my schedule tinkering was obviously effective. I still wasn’t quite as efficient as I’d have liked—I slowed down quite a bit as the week wound on—but with the built-in three-hour buffer, I did everything I was supposed to. Even a few odds and ends, like cleaning, watering our new orchid and making an appointment for the chimney sweeps.
My big fiction project was replotting Brain From Outer Space. Unfortunately today I reached the midbook point where I really need to make some changes (now that I’m just looking at events bullet-point by bullet-point, it’s obvious). Nothing drastic, the way my past rewrites have come unstuck, but substantial. Knowing where the key divergences are, I’m going to focus on other stuff next week and pick Brain up again the week after that.
I also looked at on one of my older stories, Kernel of Truth, and decided it doesn’t need as much rewriting as I thought. I think part of the problem may be that it doesn’t get supernatural until very late in the story, but I can set it up effectively (I hope) with just a little tinkering and added mystery up front.
I did a few extra Demand Media articles this week because they’re not going to process any articles the last two weeks of the month. I’m quite happy with this even though it means a dip in income because I’m sure I can put the extra time to good use. However the more work I can squeeze in for them ahead of time, the better.
Oh, and I submitted another And article, though it’s not up yet.
And now the weekend is here. Various conflicts have forced TYG and me to cancel our evening’s plans, but it should be a fun weekend nevertheless.

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