On the edge of glory, but not quite (#SFWApro)

Despite my optimistic talk last week of improving my efficiency, I haven’t seen much sign of it this week. Primarily getting the Raleigh Public Record story finished took more time and more work than I thought; it’s a lot of disparate information and interviews so knitting them all into one story wasn’t easy. Plus a couple of Demand Media rewrite jobs proved unexpectedly tricky. Sometimes I get a story and I just cannot find a reliable source that provides me with the information I need, so I search, and search and search until I do.
And I had a couple of bad night’s sleep. Tonight, for instance, a sore muscle kept me tossing and turning, which woke up TYG, whose movement then woke me up … So I wasn’t as efficient working on the story as I should have been.
But barring rewrites on that story or my other Demand Media stuff still under review, I have tomorrow to devote to fiction and some marketing, which will be very nice. And then a four-day weekend (I may write more on Southern Discomfort Friday. I’ll see). And then I start December without this story to grapple with. A week of just my regular, dull, organized schedule will do me a world of good.
And on the plus side, I did get the story done, and it’s much better than it looked last week, when I didn’t have the last couple of interviews. And tomorrow, fun writing!

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