Hadn’t planned to post

But schedule shifts left me with time free. So, links!
•John Scalzi on what he wears and how being a white male gives him the freedom to do so.
•Digby discusses why liberals can’t really form an alliance with libertarians. The answer: Libertarians may talk about getting government off our backs, but a number of self-proclaimed libertarians align with the Tea Party Republicans (I know a couple) and the religious right: “despite the fact that the Republican Party is explicitly organized around the proverbial three legged stool of National Security-Low Taxes-Traditional Values, only one of which is a libertarian ideal, Libertarians not only refuse to align with progressives, many of whom agree with them on reducing the National Security state and ensuring personal privacy and civil liberties, they actively loathe them.” Surveys also show that while voters in both parties shift on national security issues as different administrations come in, Dems are more consistent in opposing national security excuses for infringing on civil liberties.
•As I’ve mentioned before, Volkswagen is inviting the UAW to a seat at the management table at its new plant in Tennessee. Reuters looks at the possible complications.
•A lengthy but interesting article on food stamps, the insanity of cutting them and the double insanity of cutting them while boosting corporate welfare and farm suport programs.
•Right-wing pseudo-historian and douchebag David Barton blames global warming on abortion.
•A credit bureaus misidentifies an Iraq-war veteran as his felon brother (who’d used the vet’s name as a pseudonym). Veteran’s credit takes a nose-dive. The bureau demands the vet prove he’s not a criminal, which is difficult (police can’t print out a non-rap sheet, apparently).
•And as if our credit scores weren’t an issue already, here’s a new score, our phone ID: “phone numbers are rated from 0 to 1000 with 0 being the phone number you’ve had forever and used to sign up for lots of credible accounts and 1000 being the Hello Kitty burner phone you toss in the hole with the body/drugs.”
•I’ve blogged about chivalry before. Here’s some more thoughts from Defeating the Dragons.
•”Patent trolls” do things like threaten to sue businesses using photocopiers on the grounds it somehow violates the troll’s patents. Congress is looking at solutions.
•Variations of the Nigerian email scam have been around for over a century. In the “Spanish prisoner” version, a dying official asks your help getting his family out of Spain, and with them, the bank information that will unlock riches.
•Some cheery religious news: A Nigerian pastor and an imam work together to promote religious tolerance.
•Congress is considering a law that would block Internet providers from using caps or tiering to block or impair competing streaming video services.

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