Trying something new (#SFWApro)

So this month I decided I want to finish the current draft of Brain From Outer Space.
I’ve been working on this book for years, and I’ve been floundering since I realized my previous draft didn’t work. A few months ago, I seemed to get on the wrong track, but I’m not at mid-book with multiple plotlines to deal with. Every time I started work, it seemed I took an entire writing session just to get up to speed on where I was last time.
Screw it. Brain is my top priority for this month—not the only one, but I’m not starting anything else fictional until I finish the draft.
This week’s work was productive, but a little weird. The thing is, I’m now at the point where a lot of the material is first-draft (it’s been a long time since I made it past mid-book). Normally I’d accept it being a mess, but I’ve done so many rewrites, that’s not going to fly this time. So I have to get it not polished, but workable. Details, description, I’ll let them slide but the spine of the plot has to make sense.
So I’m not surprised I only got about 6,000 words written this week. Less than I’d hoped, but if I keep up that rate, I’ll have 24,000 more by the end of the month. And that would give me 80,000 total, which is satisfactory.
I still feel uneasy, as I’m used to “Well this is dead-ending, I’ll switch to something else” when I get blocked. It should be a learning experience with nothing else.
And if you want to see the world I’m working in, here are my earlier Applied Science stories in the same setting.
In other news:
•I sent off Fiddler’s Black and got an immediate rejection. That presumably means I’m way off the mark, but still, I’d sooner have a quick rejection than a looooong one. I’ll have more to say on rejection soon.
•I sent in Fox and the Hedgehog.
•I submitted my next And column, though it’s not up yet.
•And I made my hours for the week, despite TYG being home for a couple of days (this affects my schedule in all sorts of ways).

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