It is that very bitter hour of links

A chilling post from Defeating the Dragons about the way some parents are trained to beat their kids into submission.
•And here’s a new book recommending men just take their wives’ clothes off and rape her. She’ll thank you later. Depressingly similar thoughts about marital relations crop up in a book Defeating has been analyzing.
•A Christian pastor gets fired because of conducting a gay marriage ceremony. And a gay church volunteer is told he can’t work with kids any more because parents might get upset.
•Popular Science is shutting off online comments, concerned about the impact they have on people’s perceptions (apparently lots of creationist comments make readers less certain of evolution stories).
•Does Time really believe government whistleblowers and mass shooters should be lumped together as security threats?
•Anger at Wall Street bonuses, according to AIG’s CEO, is just as bad as lynchings under Jim Crow.
•A guy who racked up a $200,000 medical bill (from getting caught in a gunfight) says nobody without insurance should buy into Repub calls to refuse Obamacare. Amanda Marcotte says it’s part of an overall right-wing discomfort with health issues (no HPV virus! No accurate sex ed!)
•New York teens attack a Sikh thinking he’s a Muslim. The story notes that even if he was, that wouldn’t excuse the attack
•LadyRomp reminds us that yep, double-standard on aging is still alive in Hollywood. And a Washington Times columnist proclaims Hilary Clinton can’t run in 2016 because she’s sooooo old.
•The effect of elections on the judicial branch matters.
•An evangelical group wants the freedom for pastors to endorse candidates from the pulpit and support political campaigns without losing their tax-exempt status. Slacktivist looks at the potential fall-out. The group in question argues that the pastors should have a right of free speech. Well, if the Constitutional issues are that important, there’s certainly nothing in the document about exempting churches from tax (I also wonder how they’ll react if Muslims or Unitarians start supporting left-wingers).
•Michigan insists it needs to ban same-sex marriage so that “”to regulate sexual relationships between men and women so that the unique procreative capacity of such relationships benefits rather than harms society.” Because if people don’t marry and have kids bad things happen! And everyone understand what marriage is. And there’s not a tracy of bigotry in their policy, so there!
•The CEO of Starbucks says he’d prefer people not carry guns into the chain’s stores. Unsurprisingly, many right-bloggers are shocked and horrified that a business is asserting rights over its own property—hey, wait a minute … One blogger compares it to discrimination against the Irish. Another explains it’s all the fault of the anti-gun crowd for frequenting stores at the same time as people with guns.

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