And yet he’s still better than Republicans

As I’ve said before, I’d be much happier if Obama really were the radical leftist of right-wing imagination, but he so totally is not.
For example, we have the case of a man whose cell-phone was searched for information without a warrant after he was arrested. A judge ruled the search was invalid, but the White House wants the Supreme Court to overrule the decision. As Digby says at the link, that would save them the trouble of concocting some “it’s terrorism!” rationale for overruling the Fourth Amendment.
And Bradley Manning has received a 35-year sentence for providing documents to Wikileaks. Whereas multiple cases of torture and two cases of murder (prisoners in American custody during the war on terror) have gone unpunished (other than the low ranking “few bad apples” at Abu Ghraib). And as Digby points out, the soldiers who gunned down civilians in Iraq from a helicopter (the incident that inspired Manning to release the data) have not been investigated, let alone charged with anything.
But then again, we get stuff like a new push for chemical safety at plants like the one that blew up in West Texas. No guarantees until it gets concrete results, but I doubt we’d be seeing this under Romney.
Likewise, we wouldn’t be seeing the military give same-sex soldiers time off to get to a state where they can marry legally.
And on the other side?
•House Repub Bob Goodlatte says no citizenship for illegal immigrants, not even kids who’ve grown up here.
•Oregon GOP Chair Art Robinson, who believes nuclear waste is a valuable product (we can sterilize our water and food with it!) and “Public education (tax-financed socialism) has become the most widespread and devastating form of child abuse and racism in the United States.”
In other linkage:
•Charlotte South Carolina adopts a plan to make homelessness illegal: You either leave town or go to jail.
•A woman calls 9-11 after her son-in-law starts freaking out on drug. A cop arrives, the SIL attacks him and the cop shoots him. The cop is now suing the mother-in-law because he’s suffering mental anguish over having to shoot the kid and blames her for not warning him he might be violent.
•NY Times pundit Maureen Dowd takes a quote way out of context. But she’s done that before.
•Indiana police taser a black man for waving a greeting at them. The cops say he flipped them off after running a stop sign, which even if true (and it’s reached the point I automatically doubt cops) hardly justifies tasering. Slacktivist takes off from a line in the story to craft this piece about the millenium.
•A politician in a Kansas City suburb opposes a Walmart because it will bring Those People to town and some of them may stay (“Most of them are of a different class in that they do not feel the desire of a beautiful neighborhood and maintaining property values. When they move in we will start to see junk cars in disrepair in front yards along with other trash, and down will go the property values. Big time!!”).
•A new argument for not making Janet Yellin the new Fed Chair: she’s too methodical, too prepared. I agree with Echidne, if she were “manic” which is apparently a qualification for the job, they’d be discussing how flighty and hair-trigger she was.
•Some people just suck.

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