I’ve posted this link before, but it never hurts to show how most US terrorist attacks are non-Muslim. As of 2012, a slightly higher percentage had been carried out by Jewish radicals. Most of those (if I’m reading the linked FBI report right) were in the 1980s, but even back then terrorist was routinely equated to Muslim.
•A federal review has found 27 cases where FBI experts made exaggerated forensic claims that may have led to false convictions, for example claiming that hair at a crime scene can be conclusively tied to a particular person (it can’t).
It isn’t the first time forensic experts have fudged the truth, either, as noted in Convicting the Innocent. Any time the law enforcement system jumps from establishing the truth to “We know who did it, now we’ve got to find some way, any way, to get him,” it’s likely to go off the rails.
•The governor of Ohio wants a tax rate on the rich of less than 5 percent, while hiking sales tax, which take a much bigger bite from the poor.
•The GOP Chair in Pennsylvania says that voter ID laws lowered Obama’s margin of victory in the state; he means this as a good thing.
I’ve heard so many politicians proclaim restricting the vote is a Good Thing that (as I’ve mentioned before) I don’t believe it’s a slip of the tongue—it’s their way to tell the bitter old white Republican vote that “Hey, I know you can’t win elections by yourselves, so I’ve got your back.”
•McDonalds has now revised its infamous budget guide for employees, but hasn’t improved it. Unsurprisingly, Megan McArdle, who believes it’s your own fault if you’re poor and unequal opportunity is a good thing, endorses the budget.
•Goblinbooks looks at the state of work today.
•Here’s a worthy Kickstarter: A project to make it easier to make and follow up on Freedom of Information Act requests.
•Ed Kilgore concludes the Republican Party has a large chunk of die-harts who will cling to their positions even if it loses elections, because they’re right, dammit!
This is bad news: Even if they’re never able to win another election (or fair election), they can still obstruct important legislation, presidential appointments, budget negotiations. That can screw up a lot of people’s lives, but from the die-hard view that everyone else getting federal help is a parasite, it works out great.
In the long-term it raises the question of where the party goes (which I’ve pondered before) from here? Will it return to sanity when the older Repubs die off (as they say, change is measured in funerals?) or has it permanently shifted the party to the right for the foreseeable future?
•Trayvon Martin’s parents speak out. Here’s an in-depth analysis of the legal issues and jury instructions that may have led to acquittal. And here’s Ta-Nehisi Coates on Richard Cohen’s defense of profiling.
These arguments, I think are eerily like the arguments mentioned above that people must accept the innocent going to the chair for the good of the community. It’s interesting this often comes from self-proclaimed libertarians such as Walter Williams or Ron Hart, as I can’t think of anything less libertarian than “Hi, your right to life itself must be sacrificed for the good of other people.” If someone said that about, say, Wall Street stockbrokers and the need for regulation, Williams’ head would explode.
As Roy Edroso says on this topic, ” The one thing that never occurs to these guys is that racism is not like monetarism or socialism or academicism or henotheism or anarcho-syndicalism; it’s not a thought system we can sit up arguing about all night and be, other than the hangover, none the worse for wear after; it’s cancer. Centuries of experience documented by historians and artists show it, if you need guidance, but a few years living in America ought to wise you up to it pretty quick all by itself.”
•A thoughtful post about the use of rape jokes in comedy.


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