Weary start but it picked up steam

In contrast to last week, I started exhausted, due to TYG’s lingering bug from the Mensa gathering. By Sunday night it had developed into a hacking cough which left me largely bereft of sleep.
On top of that, I had to spend most of Monday at the Duke Clinic getting my aneurysm checked. Good news! It’s still inconsequential, and after one more six-month check-up to give them a baseline, I can drop to annual checks.
Of course, all this required downing a lot of Diet Coke (something I usually minimize) to stay awake on the drive there and back. And I had the odd experience of hanging around the clinic for a couple of hours between the CAT-scan and the doctor’s appointment (both pleasantly prompt, I’m happy to say). I read, enjoyed the food court, had some tea, but I was glad to finally make it home.
Further on in the week I did another special assignment for Demand Media, a couple of $100 articles, which requires actually interviewing someone rather than doing research online. Unfortunately the tiredness made me extremely slow so they took much longer than they should have, otherwise I’d have squeezed in some regular articles as well.
But despite all that, I’m pretty pleased with my fiction work this week:
•I got another 8,000 to 9,000 done on Brain From Outer Space, though I’m not sure I’ll make my goal for the month (40,000 total).
•I finished the first of the three drafts of The Fox and the Hedgehog (my new Monster Earth story) I want to get done for this month. There are some plot problems I’m not satisfied with, but the character arc is shaping up very well.
•I did a rough first draft for a new short story, The Schloss and the Switchblade. Can a rock-and-rolling street gang save America from the Fourth Reich? If this works, it’ll be, I suspect, gloriously goofy.
•I made a few small edits to And He Bought a Crooked Cat and sent it out again.
•I firmed up the movie/TV show list for my next movie-reference book (assuming McFarland accepts the proposal) and my friend Ross got me thinking about the parameters of it.
•I took a first look at my rewritten Love That Moves the Sun in months. I intend to show it to some beta-readers before month’s end and see if the changes help.
•And, of course, I released Philosophy and Fairy Tales.
My attempts at getting some extra writing hours in during the evening fell apart (Monday I wound up in the worst situation, just aimlessly fooling around on the computer without really doing anything), but overall, I’m pleased.

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