My god, liberals are even corrupting Bert and Ernie!

After seeing a New Yorker cover of Bert and Ernie of Sesame Street watching the Supreme Court decision, Protein Wisdom suddenly grasps the real gay/liberal agenda (not a direct link, but you can click through): By presenting same-sex friendship as Obviously Gay, liberals can “Target same-sex friends and start whisper campaigns about their ‘real’ behavior. If the targets protest, call them homophobic bigots for thinking there is anything wrong with being gay lovers.”
I’ve read this several times and I still can’t see how exactly this would advance any sort of gay agenda. Of course, people do make sweeping assumptions at times about who’s gay or straight, but that’s just human error not part of a plan. And homophobes are just as likely to start a “whisper campaign” if they think someone isn’t conforming to gender norms.
The blog also quotes a commenter saying “The Left wants us God-botherers discredited and humiliated and as silent as the tomb. Pushing SSM is about the niftiest way to do that.” Because, of course, we couldn’t possibly believe that same-sex marriage is a good thing. There has to be some sinister agenda, and of course it’s to crush the poor, oppressed Christians. Because what could be more unfair than having people—gasp—criticize them? Bad enough that in the fantasy world anti-gay activists dwell in, gay protesters already treat Christians as brutally as the South treated civil rights marchers.
•Meanwhile, we have Rand Paul and anti-gay activist Bryan Fischer claiming that the next step is, surprise!, bestiality, polygamy and incest. I’m beginning to think this bull is just a variation of the old right-wing Christian cliche that if you’re not Christian, obviously you have no moral center. You can’t be moral (something Slacktivist discusses here). So it can’t possibly be that you think “gay people have the right to marry but raping a child is bad”—if you reject Christian morality (or more specifically, the morality of right-wing, anti-gay Christians), you must reject any sexual standards whatsoever.
•If you’re a government worker or contractor and you have money troubles, frustrations with work, frustrations with home life, the White House wants your co-workers to report you. The brochure for this new policy (which is an attempt to crack down on leakers not only in Defense or Homeland Security but FDA, FHA, Peace Corps …) it is better to report “overzealously” than not at all. In other words, if you’re not sure your co-worker is guilty, report him just in case.
As Digby points out at the second link, this is really creepy. The scope of potential problem behaviors is huge, and this is the same attitude that got so many people fired during the McCarthy era: better to blacklist someone than be accused of hiring a Communist.
•For years, Phyliss Schafly told women that feminism was bad, equal rights were bad, and their job was to stay home and have babies … all the while building a personal career as a political activist (it’s the Caitlin Flanagan cognitive dissonance again). She’s still in the game and here she discusses how nobody got government aid during the Great Depression; nobody goes hungry in the United States; fathers should be the providers; we shouldn’t let in so many immigrants because they don’t vote Republican and they pop out too many illegitimate babies. Oh, and there are no laws against same-sex marriage, so what the gay agenda is really demanding is that people accept gay marriage even though it’s morally wrong.
It is depressing that someone so full of shit, ignorance and bigotry has any standing at all.
•Slacktivist points out that choosing the middle ground doesn’t make you right. As I’ve observed before, the assumption that the two poles in women’s rights debates are “Women should have equality” and “men should rule” does not prove that “women should have some rights but not full equality” is the default sensible position.


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