Blowing Things Off

This weekend I rediscovered that one way to relax when heavily stressed is to blow things off.
It’s not so much the free time gained by not doing things as the satisfaction of realizing I don’t have to do things. My time is my own. I’m not shackled. That’s particularly liberating given the current pressure of my schedule. (In case you’re wondering, we’re having contractors in so I’m dealing with them, as I’m the one at home. So I can’t get much focused work done just now).
The obvious problem with this is that I can’t just blow off work, seeing as I’m my own boss. Quite aside from the fact it pays my bills, I hate blowing off even non-profitable (or currently non-profitable) writing projects. Some day I’ll die. I’ll die with stuff unwritten. I’d like it to be as little as possible.
And with TYG in my life, it’s rare that I’m doing something that’s a)not work. b)something that won’t inconvenience her. c)something I’m happy not to do.
But Friday evening I was bone-weary so I blew off making dinner (this turned out to be a very good choice. When I made it Saturday—pasta with stir-fried veggies in soy sauce and tofu meat—it proved much more time-consuming than it looked on paper) and watched September instead. Despite being such a crappy movie, it felt really good to not do something I was “supposed” to.
Then Sunday I didn’t even get online until some time late afternoon. Partly just the way the time broke down, but also because I was reading Cinema of Isolation (review will follow) and I’d gotten hooked. Which is why I didn’t blog any yesterday.
It all felt really good. I may have to look for opportunities to do it again.

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