Might could’a been worse

On the whole, my new schedule worked quite well. It would have worked better if I hadn’t been so tired (various reasons, including social events). By the end of the week, I wasn’t at all as efficient as I should have been. Still, I did get more done than when I tried working in the evening, and I didn’t stress out from the short lunch hour. So, yay.
•I finished—tentatively—replotting Brain From Outer Space. I’m going to go over it next week and see if it makes as much sense as I think it does, and fill in some of the “Harry and Mickey investigate this” bullet-points with more detail. But as I said last week, it’s definitely shaping up.
•I made a few changes to End of the World on the Cutting Room Floor, based on writing-group feedback. Nothing substantial, just adding a little tension to the story.
•I sat down and worked through my characters for Mage’s Masquerade. Lengthening it by a couple of thousand words is really helping—the flashbacks provide a lot of information so I don’t overwhelm readers by flinging too much at them at once (I’ve been told by the group this is sometimes a problem with my work).
•I rewrote one of my older ones, Original Synergy. It needs more work, but it’s a good start. I saw it published a few year back, but I want to release it via Smashwords along with three others, so I’m making some improvements.
•I looked at one of my older stories, Bros Before Ho’s, and discovered it’s better than I thought. I’ll present it to the writing group some time next month (under a new, more appropriate title, Love is in the Air).
•I submitted an article to Brass. Took longer than I should have for the money (my fault, not there’s), but they took it, so I get the money.
•I applied to two freelance gigs (no word yet) and Savage Year came back from the most recent publisher (with several nice words).
•I delivered enough articles to Demand Media to land my monthly bonus. Speaking of which:
•Can Real Estate Taxes on a Rental Be Taken on Schedule A?
•Do Real Estate Liens Expire?
•Tax Deductions for Medical Expenses Paid by Fund-Raisers
•Is the Deductible Paid on a Homeowners Claim Tax Deductible?
•Can You Deduct Products That You Buy to Sell for a Home-Based Business?
•Insurance Company & Ordinary Negligence Vs. Willful Negligence
•Can I Write Off a Mortgage Insurance Premium Paid at Closing?
•Can I Deduct a Dance Tuition From My Federal Taxes?
•Tax Deduction for the Points on a Second Home Mortgage
•How to Classify Work Clothes as a Small Business Deduction
•Are Capital Gains From Real Estate Part of My Income?
•The 1099 Implications of a Short Sale of Real Estate
•Can I Refinance to Drop FHA Mortgage Insurance?
•An Umbrella Policy for Homeowners Liability Insurance
•Can an Insurance Agent Roll Over a 401(k)?
•Inheritance Tax on Joint Tenancy With Right of Survivorship
•Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Detached Garages?
•How to Pay Stockholders When a Company Goes Bankrupt
•Is Flood Insurance Usually Included Under Homeowners & Renters Policies?
•Distance Required for Out-of-Town Business Meals Deduction
•How Long Do Homeowners Insurance Claims Stay on Your Record?
•Can Long-Term Disability Be Contributed to an IRA?
•Homeowners Policy Vs. Flood Insurance
•Can I Deduct Realtors’ Commissions on My Income Tax Return?

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