Marcia, marcia, marcia—er, links, links, links!

Alicublog watches conservatives turn on themselves. In this case, turning on SE Cupp for actually criticizing Limbaugh. As noted in comments, when Cupp was a cool kid, her attractiveness was an asset; now it’s proof she got ahead on looks.
•Class warfare continues.
•Cablevision fights to offer individual channels instead of bundled packages. Good luck to them: My cable bill (when I had cable) would have been so much cheaper if I could have ixnayed all the sports channels I didn’t want.
•I’m not surprised Tucker Carlson mocks Wiccans (“Every Wiccan I’ve ever known is either a compulsive deep Dungeons and Dragons player or is a middle-aged, twice-divorced older woman living in a rural area who works as a midwife.”) but I am amazed he apologized. Here’s a more thoughtful look at witches in the media.
•Yesterday I linked to discussions of sexism at the Oscars. LGM argues that even if it was satire, it didn’t work.
•Wall Street continues to whine—why, the average bonus this year is only up 8 percent from last year!
•Jonathan Chait says the reason Repubs can’t negotiate with Obama about the sequester is that nothing, not even further cuts to the safety net, is worth even a small increase in taxes on the rich. Digby says the reason so many in the media want Obama to slash entitlements is that they’re rich enough not to give a damn.
•The Supreme Court has ruled that as the government isn’t identifying the targets of secret surveillance, nobody can prove they’ve been targeted. Therefore, nobody can sue!
•The court will also review whether companies can force arbitration on customers, even when the company’s accused of breaking the law.
•And it looks the Court may also strike down key provisions of the Voting Rights Act. Because it’s not like conservatives object to anyone having the vote any more, is it?
I’m actually wondering if all the outspoken criticism of women voting, college students voting, etc., isn’t actually shrewd politics. All those old, bitter white guys who know they’re losing the power to determine elections may feel that politicians who take away other people’s votes are just watching the white demographic’s back.
•Some on the Religious Right say the Bible justifies slavery, yet they ignore that it sanctions polygamy.
•Bank of America charges a customer several thousand dollars for a protection plan he says he never asked for or signed for.

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