Of all the links of tongue and pen

A North Dakota legislator advocates not only drug-testing welfare applicants but making them pay for it themselves. As I’ve noted before, conservatives have to punish the poor because the poor are evil.
•As I and many others have noted, Republicans are having trouble adjusting to losing the White House again and the need for a course correction. Digby spots a couple of reasons in a Politico article: The fact some Repubs don’t want to moderate their positions and ““many groups on the hard right that depend on direct mail fundraising that requires a high degree of audacity, and borderline shrillness.” Which is not surprising.
•Four years ago, Sean Hannity said he’d undergo waterboarding to prove it’s not torture. Booman News is still waiting.
•In response to pundit insistence that Americans must sacrifice by slashing benefits, Digby points out that lots of Americans prefer to keep benefits and raise taxes, even on themselves.
•How different cultures can see the Bible through different eyes.
•William Saletan of Slate explains in a recent column how CIA torturers and torture authorizers assured him that torture—er, enhanced interrogation—was really valuable, so there, that proves it. Digby rips into him and links to another takedown by Lindsay Beyerstein.
As they point out, if everything was so legal and there were good internal controls, why are they shredding all those interrogation videotapes? Remember, these were the years when according to a few million conservatives, people who have nothing to fear have nothing to hide.
Digby’s quote: “To my mind, torture apologists should be treated like Holocaust deniers. Torture is that bad and anyone who defends it should be subjected to the most extreme skepticism and frankly, derision. There are some things that are beyond the pale. Or should be.”
•Saletan is wrong, but sounds coherent. This Guardian piece doesn’t even manage that. The writer gives lip service to approving the British House of Commons’ vote for gay marriage asserts that “the true test of tolerance lies in its treatment of intolerance—and we failed that test.” He goes on to say that “The real breakthrough [in gay rights]may come only when gay people cease to demand the exceptionalism of a “victimised” group, when they can shrug off the intolerance of a few, having won the acceptance of the many.”
Nowhere in the piece does he actually site some example of gays treating the intolerant unfairly or trying to outlaw them. So maybe it’s another fantasy about oppression like Charles Coulson’s (also see here for more discussion of “tolerant people are really intolerant.”). And here alicublog catches various right-wingers discussing how Obama is making them martyrs.
•Virginia proposes minting its own state currency.
•If Russian intelligence discovered Obama’s anti-gun plot, why would it tell conservatives?
•William F. Buckley was a textbook example of the bigot who sounds reasonable but is just as extreme as the rabid haters. As Slacktivist has pointed out, that’s a common belief among bigots who don’t want to be called bigoted—they’re not as openly nasty, they shouldn’t be judged as harshly.

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