I know a bank where the wild links grow

Either I’m off to writing group in an hour or I’m sick and staying home (nothing to do with last week’s mess, just a garden-variety virus). So, links!
•A new rationale for opposing gay marriage: Gays only get pregnant if they choose to! LGM weighs in here.
•Are the Pentagon’s proposed new cyberwarfare capabilities about protecting us, or making it easier to attack other nations?
•David Mamet has a lengthy screed on why gun control is evil, and Obama sucks, and his kids shouldn’t have Secret Service protection so nyaaah! LGM links to several takedowns (I particularly like Whiskeyfire pointing out that in two successive paragraphs, Mamet goes from We Are All Individuals to We Are All Sheep). I’ll let them do it so I don’t have to. But I am curious about his off-hand assertion that guns are used far more for self-defense than anything else: I’m familiar with several flawed pro-gun studies so I’m curious if he’s drawing on one of them (a lot of anti-gun studies are flawed too, but that’s not a defense).
•A court recently threw out Obama’s recess appointments to the National Labor Relations Board and (by implication) the Consumer Financial Protection Board. LGM looks at the effects, and why it’s bad law unless you want the government not to protect people (hint: some Repubs don’t).
•Die-hard segregationist Robert Stacy McCain (who once claimed the media were pushing inter-racial love scenes in order to outrage decent white people and trigger a race war) explains that the murder of Emmett Till for whistling at a white woman was nothing to do with race, and besides, that teenage black kid was asking for it.
•Rightbloggers freak out. Roy Edroso reports.
•One woman recounts her personal abortion experience.
•Slacktivist looks at problems with Bible classes in Texas. Like a lot of classes I’ve heard about elsewhere, they seem at least as keen on preaching as on teaching.
•An Arizona Republican proposes requiring loyalty oaths from everyone to get their high school diploma. Specifically religious oaths, so as noted at the link, a principled atheist couldn’t take them. Not that I think that’s the main issue—forcing every day citizens to swear loyalty oaths is a bad idea (much like forcing them to Pledge allegiance to the flag).
•Taylor Branch identifies George Wallace (former Alabama governor, segregationist and one-time presidential candidate) as the source of the Republican Government Is Evil meme.
•Religious conservative James Dobson bewails Obama’s victory as “spiritual warfare” and complains “Nearly everything I have stood for these past 35 years went down to defeat.” Of course, what he’s fought for includes anti-gay and anti-abortion policies and the implementation of Bible-based laws, so all I can say is, hurrah!
•A Rabbi discusses saying an interfaith prayer and looking for an alternative to Amen.
•David Sirota looks at how framing policies in the media (left-wing, centrist, ultra-liberal) twists the debate. Case in point, claims that hiking taxes on the rich is “the ravings of a left-wing radical.”
•In a similar vein, I’ve already discussed Republican and media charges that merely by disagreeing with Repubs, Barack Obama is engaging in radical political warfare. Now Peggy Noonan charges that Obama is the most polarizing figure ever in the White House and the reason we keep having all these clashes with Republicans is because the brinksmanship excites him. The article gives Noonan more thoughtful analysis than she deserves.
•Along with thinking Benghazi is Obama’s 9/11, some conservatives think it’s also his Iran-Contra.

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