Running over the cliff with Wiley Coyote

Sort of what I felt like this morning. Finished my Demand articles, started work on Brain From Outer Space … and my mind just didn’t seem to have anything to stand on. I don’t think it’s a problem with the writing itself, more like just running out of steam. I ended up putting time in on my next And column instead.
I’ve felt kind of wiped since I started back to work Wednesday. Nonetheless, I kept up my Demand Media quota, and as I’ve been saying, I need to do that if I want to devote less time to them (no margin for error).
Due to the vagaries of our payment schedule, I’ve only had three paid for so far this year—the others will show up on next week’s list:
•Can I Deduct My State Income Tax Withholding & the General Sales Taxes Paid?
•Taxes & the Advantages of Living Trusts
•Are Workers’ Compensation Settlements Taxable?
Another plus: I got more work done on Let No Man Put Asunder than I expected. I don’t think I’ve talked about the story before, so I’ll do it now. The protagonists, college student and movie buff Neil and archeologist/history geek Adrienne meet and find themselves telepathically linked, plus getting instant downloads of each others’ entire memories. And then a team of mercenaries hijack them to another dimension. Where the protagonists discover they seem to have powers (Neil magic, Adrienne martial arts). And after they escape, Neil and Adrienne have to figure out who’s after them (and it may be more than one person), why, and why the hell they have the abilities they do.
I can’t say why I love this story—I rewrote it once already—but I do. And so I’m reconstructing it (part of the manuscript—most of it—got lost in one of my previous moves) and editing and improving as I go.
Oh, and I’m really pleased I’m managing my writing time better. I’ve cut email during the working day down to two viewings (before I start work and at lunch—evenings it’s not an issue) and I don’t use the Internet during my fiction writing. Those have proven a real help.
And now, to bed.

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