Blame the media!

Slacktivist blogger Fred Clark is somewhat amused to learn that negative images of Christians are all his fault. It’s basically the same argument Repubs have been making since they lost: The media just distorted our positions. They claimed if we won, abortion rights and equal pay and birth control were at risk! That we weren’t supporting rape victims! Likewise, Fred is taking insignificant evangelicals such as Franklin Graham, Tim laHaye, Pat Robertson and James Dobson and making it look like they’re prominent leaders of the evangelical world.
As Fred says (continued in parts two and three) the problem with this is that they are indeed prominent players in the evangelical world. And far from being persecuted by the media, they have their own media—TV shows, radio broadcasts, newsletters, books.
And the media have indeed covered Christians showing compassion in crises such as Sandy Hook. But as Fred points out, you don’t run articles saying “most of the members of the shooter’s family are decent, law-abiding wonderful people. Let’s look at their good works.” Being law-abiding and decent is what you’re supposed to do: You don’t get applause for it.
I’d also like to add that many of those leaders show very little of the same tolerance when criticizing gays, homosexuals, mainline Christian churches. As ye give, so shall ye receive …
•Speaking of Republicans, Slacktivist takes a look at their continuing inability to reach beyond the pissed-off aging male base. One Repub, for example, stated pre-election that there was no way the Dems could win Detroit because they no longer had a political machine to help “those people” vote multiple times, and “those people” wouldn’t be paid enough to stop drinking and playing pool to hit the polling place.
•Even the US military has problems with the NRA opposition to gun control. Apparently it’s not legal to encourage soldiers not to keep personal firearms around, even if there’s a high suicide risk.
•A right-wing terrorist and mosque arsonist says everything he knows about Muslims he learns from Fox News.
•Robert Nielsen argues privatization isn’t practical.
•Warrantless eavesdropping isn’t going away. Sen. Dianne Feinstein pushes to support Obama’s proposals to make it even easier.
•The emergency contraceptive bill does not cause abortions. Nevertheless, Hobby Lobby thinks it does and therefore it shouldn’t have to cover E/C in its insurance. Even if it were an abortifacent, paying for insurance is not subsidizing it.
•Asperger’s parent Lance Mannion explains what asperger’s is. And isn’t. And that it isn’t just being insensitive and jerky: “Blind people know not to walk out into traffic. They can’t see the stoplights. A person with Asperger’s knows there are things you shouldn’t say in polite conversation but he can’t see the traffic lights.”

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