The year turns …

Once again, I’ve decided to do the 101 in 1,001 goals rather than a specific New Year’s resolution. I hadn’t planned to—until my 2011 list runs out this year, I have three lists running concurrently—but I found so many goals I wanted, I figured I’d go ahead and complete a list. As usual that meant some fairly trivial goals (read Paradise Lost aloud. Use TYG’s all-corners brownie pan at least a half-dozen times instead of leaving sitting in the closet) but that’s always been the case. Next year, perhaps I’ll try “36 in 365 days” or “12 in 12 months” or just wait until my remaining lists run out.
There’s nothing on the list so groundbreaking it’s worth mentioning here—specific stories I want to finish, quotas for number of stories written, money goals, etc. But completing the list did get me reflecting on my writing wants for 2013. Not goals as they’re not measurable or quantifiable, just wants. First, keep bringing in money to pay my share of the bills. Second, have more stories published and make more money from fiction. Third, do a wider variety of nonfiction. As I noted yesterday, it’s good strategy for freelancers to have lots of clients, and I don’t. But as I also noted, my efforts in 2012 to try new stuff didn’t pay off. So I think I can break down “new projects” into several categories:
•Stuff that doesn’t pay what Demand Media offers and doesn’t offer any advantage to compensate. Basically, not going to touch these. I already don’t bother applying for blogging or online article gigs that pay less than Demand. Now I have to resist telling myself it’ll pay off down the road unless I know it will: A high-profile or even moderate profile magazine article is worth the effort if I get a good enough clip I can add to my portfolio.
•Stuff that pays better if I’m efficient about it. I don’t think I need to explain why that’s a good idea. I look forward to trying my next Raleigh Public Record article and seeing if I can’t focus better and be more time-effective.
•Personal projects. This is stuff that’s speculative, but fun. For example my movie books usually don’t work out to a high per-hour rate, but spending time writing about movies is a lot of fun. I’d love to do more of it (I hope to have a pitch in to McFarland by the end of the year). I have a couple of other projects I’m exploring that I’ll discuss if I can make them happen. Again, probably not big money makers but they’ll be fun in different ways.
For those who haven’t figured out their goals for 2013, here’s some more thoughts on resolutions from Adopting James, G.E. Gallas, and bottled worder.
Happy New Year! May your dreams become reality.


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2 responses to “The year turns …

  1. Thanks for mentioning my New Year’s resolutions in your post! I wish you all the luck in completing your 2013 goals. 🙂 Happy New Year! –G. E.

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