Some nights the bear gets you

Like last night. First Mum called as I was drifting off to sleep (nothing urgent, she just didn’t realize how late it was), then we had a wrong number later—so the result was my sleep got pretty much shredded.
Which would have been fine if I’d done what I usually do, which is get up and start work. Instead I tried reading myself to sleep after Mum called (didn’t work), then got up to work but got sidetracked into other activities. So when sleep finally claimed me this afternoon, it ended up eating most of the work time. Plus TYG and I have a party tomorrow so she quit work so we could hit Whole Foods early, which also ate into work time (and I’m not going to make it up tonight—more party prep).
Still, it was a productive week:
•Another 5,000 words on Brain From Outer Space. I’m getting into new material now instead of just reshuffling the old stuff, but it’s still coming along alright. I must admit, though, I do kind of miss the scope of the previous version, which had a huge body count and lots more deceit and double-dealing. Perhaps after I finish this rewrite, I’ll see a way to add some of that back.
•Did a second draft of Mise-en-Scene, my movie-world story. The arc of the original story seems to be the one I want as I stuck with it. This time, though, I added a lot more character bits (what’s it like to be stuck in a noir film and get up every day knowing you’ll be enmeshed in yet another web of deceit by dinner time?) and thought through some questions about how the world works.
•I reworked Never Call Up What You Cannot Put Down for a third draft. This one has more action, which works, but I need more still. I also need a better ending—I don’t want the protagonists dead, but getting them out in one piece (they’re surrounded by Nazis) is challenging.
•I got through the opening scenes of Affair of Honor (retitled from Not By Honor Bound) and I’m really pleased. The magical elements flow smoothly, my hero is suddenly more intense and embittered—but this one, too, needs a better ending (I didn’t get anywhere near the ending yet, but it does). The climactic showdown feels forced (sort of Ah, Time For a Showdown, Here Comes the Villain) and the character arc doesn’t quite resolve either.
•I made some slight changes to I Think Therefore I Die before sending it off. I also submitted And He Bought a Crooked Cat again.
As for my Demand Media stuff:
•How Long Does It Take to Report a Mortgage Payoff to Credit Reports?
•Can You Get Extra on a New Home Loan to Pay Off Other Loans?
•If My Mortgage Company Sells My Mortgage Can the New Mortgage Owner Change the Terms?
•Is an FHA Loan More Difficult?
•Criteria for Determining IRA Beneficiaries
•What If a Mortgage Company Accepts Payment After Starting a Foreclosure?
•The Advantages of Tax-Exempt Bonds
•Can You Roll Over a Safe Harbor 401(k) Plan to an IRA Account?
•What Is a Stock With No Face Value Called?
•Taxation of an Irrevocable Trust
•Do I Have to Pay Federal Taxes If They Were Not Deducted From My Paycheck in North Carolina?
•Do You Need Private Mortgage Insurance When You Refinance?
•Do Your Looks Affect Whether You Will Get a Job?
•Do Par Designations Provide Any Indication as to Which Stock Is Preferable as an Investment?
•Why Is a Spouse Required to Sign on a Mortgage Loan When They Are Not the One the Loan Is Given To?

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