Here we come a wassail-link

Here’s a depressing one: In 1983, a Texas man’s murder conviction was overturned. Instead of the new trial ordered by the appeals court, the state just locked the guy up for 30 years anyway.
•The ACORN voter-registration group disbanded a while back. But in Fox News’ eyes, it’s as active as the Illuminati and the Knights Templar.
•A few days ago I linked to Ross Douthat’s complaint that American women aren’t having enough babies. Douthat’s response to the flak he took: “if we have moral obligations to future, as-yet-unborn generations, as almost everyone seems to agree, surely those duties have to include some obligation for somebody to bring those generations into existence in the first place.” Which strike me as going beyond the idea of the fetus as person—apparently even babies who haven’t been born yet have a right to life which selfish “decadent” feminists are refusing to acknowledge.
Christian Science Monitor looks at what we’ve learned from the botched intelligence on Iraq and how it applies to Iran. Among other things, don’t assume they have the same priorities we do. The Guardian notes that the media still have to do a better job.
•Right-wingers fantasize about building their own city. Libertarians dream of a floating tax-free republic. There are also dreams of turning an established city into a libertarian hellhole—er, utopia. This Ruthless World weighs in on seasteading.
•Some key cases coming before the Supreme Court this term. Though the article distorts things when it asserts libertarians “believe for-so long as a person is not harming or violating the rights of another, that person should be able to do what he or she wants.” They believe government should
•An argument in favor of belittling fundamentalists. The author argues that it’s not picking on a vulnerable minority but a powerful constituency—on which topic, here’s a discussion of Jews coping with Southern Christianity.
•Sanctions on Iran hurt the ordinary citizens the US says it worries about.
•Allowing consumers to wipe out debts or under water mortgages is supposedly a Bad Thing. But for corporations? It’s cool!
•Right-wing revisionist historian David Barton gets John Adams out of context. And quotes approvingly from a slavery apologist.
•Assuming the Founding Fathers got everything right is a mistake. More from LGM here.
•A conservative argues that Rush Limbaugh and Ann Coulter have been tricked into acting like a left-wing stereotype of a right-winger. Or something like that.

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