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The Daily Howler catches a TV talking head who is shocked, shocked and appalled that Obama didn’t offer concessions to the Republicans. It’s insulting! They’d never do that in the Middle East!
This is a theme Digby and others have harped on for years: When TV pundits waffle about the need for bipartisanship, they seem to mean “Democrats should offer concessions.” Not Republicans. Not offering concessions is a standard opening tactic in negotiation; you offer concessions when the deal gets further along. But for Obama not to start from the middle ground is just sooooo rude! Besides, haven’t you heard? Obama’s the reason American women have fewer babies!
•A new attempt to qualify fetuses as people: Make them tax dependents!
•Speaking of disrespect, a politician freaks out because a state trooper had the impudence to give him a ticket.
*Slacktivist muses on the nightmare of fundamentalism: If any part of the faith is judged wrong, then you can’t believe in anything.
•In response to a recent argument that Jefferson’s slaveowning should have nothing to do with his historical standing and influence, Corey Robin shows that Jefferson wasn’t simply an anguished slaveholder, he was a firm believer in the superiority and supremacy of the white race. The argument that “White people are just handsomer” may sound weird now, but it was commonly expressed back in the day. On a related topic, one blogger rips into the “Well, X may have been bad but he wasn’t as bad as an Arab slave trader!” argument.
•Republicans continue to ignore reality on the budget—which is that raising taxes (as Clinton did) isn’t a job-killer and slashing them a la our previous president (W.) doesn’t boost the economy.

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