Our friends, the Republican politicians

Yesterday, I linked to the story of a Romney supporter who wants the death penalty for bearing children out of wedlock. Now we have Arkansas Republican Charlie Fuqua, who wants the death penalty for disobedient children. As I said yesterday no, not kidding about this. At the link, Slacktivist reveals Arkansas also gave us John Hubbard, who believes slavery was a blessing in disguise (otherwise the slaves’ descendants would be living in grass huts instead of the glory that is America) and fellow neo-confederate Loy Mauch (who believes that slavery can’t be wrong as it’s Bible approved, and Lincoln was both a Nazi and a Marxist). Some of Hubbard’s writing is here. A Jewish writer rips into Fuqua here, pointing out he’s applying Old Testament morality that even Judaism rejects.
Oh, and here’s Paul Broun, who believes that evolution is an atheist plot against God.
While we’re ripping into Repubs, let me note that Rick Santorum and Michelle Bachmann both signed a document during the primaries that asserted black families were better off in slavery than today.
I should note that the Arkansas GOP is distancing itself from its outspoken extremists—but as with Todd Akin’s claims rapists never impregnate their victims, the views are not anomalous (the belief slavery is Bible-sanctioned and therefore moral is not unique to Hubbard), it’s saying them to the public that’s upsetting.

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