Weak and weary

We spent much of this weekend putting together new bookshelves. Which is a good thing, but with TYG still recovering from surgery, I had to anything that involved heavy lifting. Result: After the three-hour stint today, I’m exhausted. So while I lie around, I shall seize the moment and clear out some more links, before starting on useful stuff (ehow rewrites … well, maybe).
•I don’t remember if I posted this before (I did on FB) but I can’t find the link, so here it is: A warning of the terrifying nightmare world we’ll face if Obama is elected … in 2008. Gun control! Porn on broadcast TV in prime time! Russia reoccupies Eastern Europe! Israel gets nuked! Eighty year olds denied any healthcare! All of which was supposed to happen by 2012.
In a similar vein, remember how the dreadful social experiment of letting gays serve openly in the military would destroy it? Well guess what, it didn’t.
•Echidne shows how a study that finds depressed moms have shorter kids can be interpreted in multiple ways that have no basis in fact (for example, the short jump to It’s Mom’s Fault!). An article in the Guardian discusses a widespread problem with plagiarism and fraud in scientific research. This includes tricks such as dropping negative results to emphasize the problem (as Echidne has pointed out, if you make five studies and only one shows your miracle drug does any good, which one are you going to submit?), the reluctance of journals to report on a study that concludes “well, we can’t prove anything” and sometimes the impossibility of replicating research results (a 9,000 person study isn’t something you can duplicate easily—and it’s unlikely anyone will try just to confirm someone else’s research.).
•I’ve mentioned before that some reporters aren’t finding enough joy in covering the current campaign. The Daily Howler looks at one example, Mark Leibovitch. Leibovitch bitches a lot about the campaign being “faux” and being stuck as “a cog in the inanity machine” but as DH points out, he’s a campaign reporter: If waiting for Joe Biden to say something stupid is boring, why not shake the machine up? Try something new? Instead, Leibovitch wishes Obama and Romney would just get together for hot dogs and chat.
•Slacktivist tackles the claim that if homosexuality can be moral, there are no longer any sexual standards. He argues the basic problem is that Christianity doesn’t have much in the way of a sexual ethical code beyond “Wait until marriage.”
•A pro-teachers union argument that poverty is the real issue, and pointing this out will help unions and kids.
•A takedown of Naomi Wolf’s book Vagina.
•If churches start endorsing candidates, they lose their tax exemption—which one religious-liberty group says (correctly I think) is perfectly reasonable.
•A blogger reminds us that thinking of victims as innocents distorts the facts.

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