Shots at pundits other than David Brooks (among other things)

Alessandra Stanley doesn’t think MSNBC reporters have the right to say Paul Ryan lied. Just say he “finessed the facts.” Meanwhile, another reporter complains this campaign isn’t “joyful” enough instead of being an entertaing show. Reminding me of complaints from Gail Collins about how awful it would be if the campaigns start debating about Medicare.
And here, Glenn Greenwald shows CNN suppressing its own documentary to avoid offending foreign governments it does business with. Meanwhile, our media continue to insist that war with Iran is necessary to stop it developing a nuclear bomb when there’s still no evidence it’s trying.
But the winner, perhaps, is CNN’s Gloria Berger stating that Mitt Romney doing missionary work in France in 1968 was “dangerous” because of anti-Americanism. Yes, compared to the Vietnam War he didn’t serve in, that was pretty hairy stuff alright (as Digby says, saying that about a Democrat who didn’t serve would trigger outrage on the right).
•In other news, the Republicans have a new threat: Vote Romney in or we’ll force government to gridlock and nothing will get done! Digby points out it’s not surprising, and I agree. This is, after all, the party that announced its goal for the past four years was to defeat Obama, not accomplish anything. Let’s not forget, a number of conservatives supported Limbaugh when he said he wanted Obama to fail.
•No, the campaign against pesticides in the 1960s did not result in malaria destroying Africa. It’s a lie.
•Good news in the Democratic platform: Solid support for abortion rights (the press, as usual, is bitching about Democrats kow-towing to their base) It also supports gay marriage.
•Bad news: Emphasis on improving opportunity and not helping those without it. As pointed out at the link, it’s commendable if someone with physical disablity works to put his daughter through college, but the fact someone has to do that is a flaw in the system. As I noted before, the fact someone can work 60 or 80 hours a week to get the same opportunities someone from the upper class takes for granted isn’t a sign the system works, it’s the opposite. Case in point: White students with ties to alumni or wealthy donor get preference over less-qualified students more than students getting in on affirmative action. And here’s Charlotte Observer look at the failure of either party to address poverty.
And for bonus points, Hullabaloo looks at the future jobs: The super-rich are going to need lots and lots of servants …
•Scott Lemieux looks at our consistent failure to punish torturers (while investigating such vital national issues as steroid use in baseball).
•Tom Tomorrow captures the Republican Convention.


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