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THE DARK KNIGHT RISES (2012) wraps up the Christopher Nolan in cracking style as Anne Hathaway’s Catwoman draws Bruce Wayne and Batman (Christopher Bale) out of the retirement he’s been in since the second movie, only to have the terrorist Bane take over the city and break both Bruce’s back and his spirit. Despite Rush Limbaugh’s claim “Bane” was chosen as a shot at Romney, this comes off more as a shot at the Occupy movement (Bane invoking the same sort of 1 percent rhetoric—though it’s actually just as close to the radical left of my youth). While never impressed with Bane in the comics, he works well here (though his mask is ludicrous); despite its flaws (how exactly did Bruce fly far enough from a nuclear bomb to survive), better than the Heath Ledger installment. “You must climb the way the child did—without a rope.”
TERMINATOR (1984) is, of course, the film that inspired three sequels, one TV series and gave Arnold Schwarzennegger’s career a huge boost as the cyborg sent back from the future to ensure Linda Hamilton never gives birth to John Connor (it specifically states that if John lives, we win). A solid little actioner that holds up much better than James Cameron’s later, bigger True Lies does; familiar faces include Paul Winfield and Lance Henriksen as cops, Rick Rossovitch as a Terminator victim and Bill Paxton as one of the punks the Terminator takes down at the start. “It knows no pity, nor remorse, nor fear—and it won’t stop coming, ever, until you’re dead.”

After five seasons EUREKA finally wrapped up this summer as a scheming senator traps several scientists in the Matrix, Fargo wins, then loses true love (I’m guessing that if Sci-Fi hadn’t pulled the plug, his romantic struggles would have gone on into the following season), science runs crazy (as usual), Allison and Carter marry and Henry has some marital troubles. Always a fun show, I’m pleased they went on a win—though sorry they went out (the last episode has several shots at bean-counters shutting down worth projects that I’m sure weren’t accidental).
YOUNG JUSTICE is DC’s most recent animated series and a darn good one (Marvel rules the multiplex but DC’s definitely had the upper hand on TV): The Justice League recruits a team of teen super-heroes including Robin, Kid Flash, the archer Artemis, Miss Martian and Superboy (clone of Superman) as a covert ops strike force for special missions, which pits the teens against a variety of villains working for the mysterious Light, while they also have to work out their own relationship and trust issues. Like several recent cartoons, this presents the super-hero universe as a given (rather than having to introduce everyone) but I don’t think anyone will be confused coming in cold.


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