The evil that men fear

Some of you may be old enough to remember the Satanic fear that gripped America in the 1980s: Satanic networks were working through day-care centers, ritually abusing children, murdering their pets, making them participate in black magic. As detailed in Satan’s Silence and other accounts, it was total bullshit. Nevertheless, the criminal charges and even convictions of innocent people kept coming, even after the kids started claiming the non-existent Satanists had flown with magic, or killed them and brought them back to life.
Horrifyingly, it’s happening again. And people still buy it.
Meanwhile, anti-gay activist Bryan Fischer thinks gay parents are so eeevil that Christians should start kidnapping their children. Just like the underground railroad. Except, of course, he’s on the side of the oppressor, not the slaves.
Fear drives us to do very bad things.
In other news:
•Monsignor William Lynn is now the first priest sentenced for enabling child sexual abuse by other priests (i.e., he knew and did nothing). Unsurprisingly, his Archdiocese is complaining the sentence is horribly unfair. As noted at the link, the fact the Archdiocese isn’t rooting out any of the others involved makes it hard to believe they’ve changed as much as they claim.
•Courts are signing off on some of the new wave of anti-abortion restrictions.
•A reporter has trouble grasping that the government both provides financial aid to disabled people and requires businesses make it easier for disabled individuals who want to work. Because obviously there can’t be more than one kind of disabled people in the world.
•Romney’s tax plan gives more to the rich than they’re getting now. And while Republicans want to extend Bush tax cuts, but not those that benefit the poor. Slacktivist makes an analogy here.
•Doctors in Florida, according to the NRA and the governor, should be banned from discussing risks of gun ownership with their patients.
•A blogger mocks the conviction of some Christians that they’re persecuted beyond endurance.
•Franklin Graham claims that we’re on a downward moral spiral. There’s some response at the link, but here’s mine.
•Pat Robertson repeatedly makes statements based on what he says God told him. So why is he so often wrong?


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