Sorry, but being wholesome just isn’t edgy

Instapundit’s Glenn Reynolds tries to disagree, arguing that “porn has gotten pretty boring … No, if you want to make an impression, it takes something really exotic, like . . . traditional middle-class values.” The Duggars with all their kids, Dave Ramsey with his warnings to live within your means—that’s wild! “At any rate, we can hope that saving money, avoiding debt and treating friends and family with consideration are now edgy enough to become trendy.”
Um, no.
This is a shtick I remember back in variety shows 40 years ago—if counter-culture values are the norm, then traditional values are now rebellion! But they were doing it as a joke.
Living within your means is certainly a good thing, but it’s not edgy. It’s not even that radical (has there ever been a time when someone wasn’t recommending we do that?). And if Reynolds enjoys it more than porn, that’s fine, but I don’t think it’s because it’s sexy.
And I seriously doubt that the shock value of the Duggars is based on being a two-parent family with kids. It’s that they have 19 kids.
In the same vein we have Matt Lewis claiming that kids are becoming more appreciative of traditional values: Respectful of success, hard-working, no longer cynical about people who hit it big (apparently no previous generation ever dreamed about becoming a wildly successful rock star). The creepiest moment is when Lewis suggests one reason for the shift is that the economy has tanked so twentysomethings and teens have to get serious about making a living: “Economic incentives work.”
Redefining to massive unemployment, outsourcing and economic collapse as an economic incentive is—well, easy to say when you have a steady gig, I guess.
For an amusing example of how not to talk to youth, Nick Gillespie tells young America to “Take a break from getting yet another tattoo on your ass bone or your nipples pierced already! And STFU about the 1 Percent vs. the 99 Percent!” Social Security, not the income gap, is the real sign of class warfare!
A more thoughtful analysis of age-related political issues here.
In other news:
•When they discuss how we have to invade Iran because it’s an evil theocracy, keep in mind that the people who say it usually have no problem with Saudi Arabia executing people for witchcraft.
•Does allowing employers to impose any restrictions or requirements on employees they choose really increase freedom? Some libertarians apparently think so.
•A right-winger asserts that newspaper editorials and columns in favor of Obamacare convinced Justice Roberts to switch to supporting it—which means Roberts was blackmailed! I’ve noticed for years how conservatives often equate criticism with being forcibly silenced, but that actually makes sense compared to criticism=blackmail.
•North Carolina Republicans reject compensating women who were forcibly sterilized by the state.
•Like it or not, we’re heading back to the 19th century.
•First the federal government made us have a sexual revolution. Now it’s coming for straight marriage!

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