And Mum’s adventures just entered a new phase: She and her Partner have decided no matter what they’re heading to Portland together.
I think this is very cool, if slightly impractical; I joked today, it’s like two crazy-in-love teenagers in an old movie running off to get married no matter what anyone says. Although due to their health, lack of a car and other issues, the prep for the move is going kind of slowly. Who knows what’s next? (Definitely not me going up to help, though. I wish them the best of everything, but I’m staying home this time).
That aside … well, for obvious reasons, not much to discuss. I redrafted The Wodehouse Murder Case and I like it (though I got back too late to take it to this week’s writing group), and wrote the penultimate draft of The Savage Year, and that’s about it.
And I got four more stories back over the past two weeks, so let’s talk about that.
It’s been a year since I had anything published and about 18 months since I sold anything (Uneasy Lies the Head That Wears the Clown in January of 2011).
This does not please me. And while I can easily accept that some of my older stories, the ones that have been bouncing around forever, are just never going to find a home, I really think some of my newer stuff is good. Better than a lot of what’s sold in the past. But it’s not moving.
Is it a fluke? Possibly.
Am I moving outside my weight class? Also possible. Most of my sales have been to second string “semi pro” markets—I’ve been trying to push into pro markets (more pay, more prestige) and despite a few “Please try us again” and other almost-there responses, I’m just not making the jump. Should I set my sights lower (with some of them I’ll have to as I’ve exhausted the compatible pro markets)?
Is it that my style just doesn’t quite fit what sells? There’s a strong trend toward a kind of literary style (this is something I can’t quite define but I know it when I see it) in a lot of the better markets, and while I know my writing style is good, I don’t think it’s literary. So maybe that’s part of it … though discussing market trends makes me uncomfortable (I feel like the next step is me muttering “My work was genius! Too radical, too daring to be accepted in this ocean of mediocrity!”).
Well, the rejected ones will go out again, so we’ll see. And I should have two or three to add to the pot next month.
Oh, and ehows:
•Income Tax Issues With the Sale of Life Estates
•Tax Consequences of Giving a Business to a Family Member
•Share Pledge Agreements
•Market Values and Debt-to-Equity Ratios
•How to Pay Advance Mortgage Payments Before Filing Chapter 7
•Can I Claim Expenses on a House That We’re Renovating but Have Never Rented?
•Importance of Investment Appraisal
Not much, but I finished nine and two rewrites today, which should help improve my bank balance some.


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