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This American Scholar piece is a grim look at the low-level, daily brutality involved in war. As the author notes, some people seem to respond with “well, that’s what happens when you go to war.” Unfortunately (my thought, not his), they think that’s a reason not to concern ourselves with the ugliness, rather than a reason not to go to war in the first place without a damn good reason.
•Mighty God King points out that not only are blacks in America forced to live by a different set of rules than white people, but the rules don’t give them any protection when white people want to waive them.
This is the kind of book that makes for wonderful background setting in fiction (even assuming it’s a somewhat exaggerated version of 1960s reality). This one too.
•How politics keeps our cell-phone bills higher than necessary.
•The Justice Department has found multiple cases of dishonest or shoddy FBI forensic work putting innocent people behind bars. It hasn’t made much effort to tell the innocent people, however.
•Digby on Thomas Friednman, who once wrote that it didn’t matter if Iraq was involved in 9/11 or not—it was just convenient to go beat up some little country and prove how terrifying the US was.
•One description of the difference between liberals and conservatives: Liberals want to regulate things individuals can’t control. Conservatives want to control things individuals can control in order to stop individuals doing them (my apologies to any conservatives reading this who don’t fit that mold).
•A grim look at the unmanned drone program and Obama’s willingness to use it to kill people who haven’t been convicted of anything (and the CIA’s and the White House’s unsurprising conviction that worrying about things like the deaths of innocent people is just silly whining).
•On the flood of corporate cash flowing into politics and the Supreme Court decisions supporting it.
•The LA Times argues that for many evangelicals, “Republican” is more important than “Christian.”
•Charles Pierce on Democrats’ mission for the next few years.
•Bank of America sues itself.
Echidne on alternatives to the current role of mothers.

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