101 in 10001 update

So far this year, my 101 in 1,0001 list is going well.
On my 2011 list, I have roughly 20 goals finished and I’m not any more behind on my once-a-month goals than I was at the end of last year.
For 2012, I have about five goals done and I’m making good progress on monthly stuff (e.g., attend one local cultural event each month). Today I finally printed out a list of all my financial accounts and gave it to TYG, just in case (not that I anticipate sudden death, but who does?). Though the hectic schedule of the past couple of months makes me further behind in my fiction than I’d like, it’s nothing incurable.
For April, as I’ve mentioned, I’m trying offering myself a reward (a purchase of something I really want) if I meet enough of my writing goals. We’ll see if it spurs me to push forward.
This is probably not the best month, as I have a lot of non-writing activities extruding into my writing time (I’ll get into that another time). But then again, maybe the incentive is what I need. Then again (again) maybe I’ll just push myself too hard and freak out. Stay tuned.
Among the goals:
•Catch up on my time backlog for fiction.
•Finish Brain From Outer Space (unlikely, but a worthy goal).
•Review editorial feedback on Tale Spinners and Leave the World to Darkness and see if I want to make changes.
•Get a first draft of Yellow Jack, a story set in the 1830s on the Mississippi.
•Redraft Dum-Dum Diddle and Jolly Bad Show (two separate goals).
Wish me luck.

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