A post is only as strong as its weakest link

Clearing out a few bookmarks:
•Should it be a crime to lie about winning the medal of honor? Or is criminalizing lying a dangerous step?
Echidne and Roy Edroso weigh in on Santorum’s claim that Obama wanting everyone to get a college degree is snobbery. As Edroso points out, it would be wonderful if Santorum and others who’ve made similar arguments had a plan to revive the blue-collar, high-school-is-good-enough jobs America used to have, but they don’t have anything but bullshit.
•When Repubs in 2008 started calling Obama a communist and a socialist, I joked that if those classic attacks didn’t work, the logical step would be to look back to 1776 and call him a Redcoat. Instead, they’re now going further back and calling him a pagan (since I know plenty of religious conservatives consider anyone with different politics must be unChristian by definition, they may even be sincere). The Wild Hunt argues that in point of fact, we’re as much or more a pagan nation than a Christian one.
•Digby points out that dreams of sane Republican candidates arising in the near future are only dreams.
•I’m not a fan of Berenstein Bears, but I never had Charles Krauthammer’s urge to drown the mother bear.
•In the debates over Obama’s fondness for compromise, one standard argument by his supporters is that the bully pulpit can’t actually force Congress to do anything. As Rick Perlstein discusses, it can shift the terms of the debate and improve things for the long term.
•One reason Republicans keep refusing to compromise: They know their base is steadily dwindling to a minority.
•Slacktivist remembers a brush with the Catholic pedophile cover-up. Here he provides links to several foreclosure-fraud stories.
•Well if the government insists on giving money to welfare cheats, let’s at least humiliate them! As Edroso points out, you can’t buy cigarettes with food stamp benefit cards, but I’m sure it’s not like anyone in 2012 would make up negative stories about how everyone on welfare is ripping off hard-working Americans, is it? (yes, that was sarcasm).
•As usual, the Republican response to criticism of their social-issues, anti-woman agenda is that they can’t understand why the media focuses on it.
•Meanwhile, in Poland, the Catholic Church has approved a line of sex toys, and one priest asserts that nonprocreative oral sex can be spiritual and beautiful. Go Polish Catholics!
•NBC takes a briefing from a retired general and military contractor who assures them Iran is on the brink of getting the bomb and war will happen within three months (Glenn Greenwald is skeptical). Except, of course, our own government doesn’t believe this.
•Megan McArdle, the woman who believes that poverty is entirely the fault of the poor, also believes life is really hard for rich people who drop from $300,000 to $120,000—in fact, it’s much worse for them than the unemployed.

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