Nothing to say just now–

So I’ll link instead.
•The London Review of Books paints Niall Ferguson as another fan of building an American Empire (like the individuals discussed here).
•I usually find Catholic activist Bill Donohue has nothing to say except no matter what the subject, the Catholic Church is right! But even he thinks the criticism of Learning Channel’s All-American Muslim is absurd.
•Debtors’ prison is back! Details here and here.
•Glenn Greenwald argues that anyone who claims the release of the Pentagon Papers is morally superior to Bradley Manning’s alleged work with wikileaks is fooling themselves.
•Slacktivist suggests Ron Paul’s enthusiasm for investing in gold and his racist rhetoric are part and parcel of the same worldview——or the same scam.
•A reminder that the ultra-conservative members of every religion seem to have woman issues.
•Lengthy discussions of possibly non-existent Iranian nukes.
•Some conservatives love to protect the unborn, but not from mercury poisoning.
•As right-wing watcher Roy Edroso keeps pointing out, right-wing pundits are less and less euphemistic. National Review’s Mark Krikorian, for instance, says flat-out we should restrict Latino immigration because Latinos don’t vote conservative (link is to Edroso’s blog, not Krikorian). Which fits with the recent New Hampshire politician who said he doesn’t want students voting because they’re liberal, or multiple right-wing complaints that women voting is bad because they don’t vote the “right” way.
•In a magnificent bit of sarcasm, a gay group apologizes to an adulterous anti-gay politician for driving her to destroy her marriage.

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