The homophobe equivalent of a rape apologist

As I’ve mentioned before, rape apologist always insist that they hate and loathe rape, it’s just that women have it coming if they’re slutty/went out drinking/looked hot/aren’t virgins. No matter how much they insist they’re not justifying rape, that’s what they’re doing.
I had a similar reaction to Southern Baptist leader Richard Land’s response to Hilary Clinton’s recent speech on gay rights (“Some suggest that gay rights and human rights are separate and distinct, but in fact they are one and the same,”): “I certainly don’t believe homosexuals or anyone else should be flogged or put to death for their sexual sins,” Dr. Richard Land of the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission told The Christian Post. “However, I don’t believe homosexuals should receive special treatment over and above anyone else either. Secretary Clinton’s remarks were more than likely a painless way for the Obama administration to placate the homosexual community in the U.S.”
As slacktivist points out, that first line isn’t the sort of thing to be followed with a “however.” Any more than “of course, rape is wrong” should be. But Land did it anyway.
And unfortunately that same attitude is expressed by several others on the right: Attacking and assaulting people is bad, however… meaning gays shouldn’t be covered by hate-crime legislation. Bullying is bad, however … meaning bullies acting out of religious belief shouldn’t be covered by anti-bullying laws (I’m not kidding. Slactivist covers it here).
Now I could understand if the people behind this crap were genuinely concerned about First Amendment rights. If they were worried that a Christian high school group couldn’t discuss how homosexuality was a sin and pray for all the gays to get right with Jesus. Not that I agree with the sentiment, but I do believe that would fall under Freedom of Religion unless it crosses over into harassment and verbal bullying.
If Land & Co. were concerned about where one shades into the other, I’d think that was a reasonable concern——although I have a feeling we’d draw the line in different places——but they’re not. They object to bullying gays being banned, period.
It may be they really want to protect the right to bully gays. A number of American religious conservatives have been linked to Uganda’s push to impose the death penalty on gays, and some on the fringes of the right wing advocate that here.
It may be even if they don’t want to bully, they’re outraged with the government saying it’s wrong. Because that’s a pro-gay message, a message that kids shouldn’t be bullied just for their orientation (just as hate crimes say that assaulting gays for their orientation is wrong). That they’re … acceptable. That sexual orientation doesn’t make them the spawn of Satan.
But in the end, it doesn’t matter why Land and others of like cloth endorse bullying and gay bashing. All that matters is, they do, even as they insist they don’t.
In other discriminatory matters, I linked a while back to this post about pundit Andrew Sullivan’s insistence that political correctness is stifling serious research into black racial inferiority. Crooked Timber points out that a century ago, non-white races included Italian, Irish, Scandinavian, Scottish, Spanish, French, German and Hebrew. Another post speculates how Sullivan, a gay writer, would feel if someone claimed PC was blocking research into gayness as mental illness. Which in turn reminds me of this old post about PC as an excuse for bigotry.
•A look at the conservative/libertarian dream era—1880!
•Glenn Greenwald looks at the future of domestic police drones.

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