For a change, running behind for a good reason

Work on Mage’s Masquerade went so well this afternoon, I kept at it instead of proofing my eHows. So now I have extra work this evening to make up, but I’m pretty good with that.
However, that means no time for anything but another link post:
•Some suggestions on how to mix faith and politics safely. I don’t agree with them all: I think voting based on someone’s faith or professed faith rarely produces good results, but I don’t think that’s the kind of religious test the Constitution bans.
•Daily Howler asks why if the National Assessment of Educational Progress is the “gold standard” for school achievement, newspapers don’t go into more detail on what it says.
•The same website ponders a Club for Growth tax proposal and asks how a “revenue neutral” proposal can possibly reduce the deficit.
•A New Hampshire Republican official explains that state voter-registration efforts are meant to reduce the number of liberals voting.
•On being wary of our own intentions as well as those of other nations. And Glenn Greenwald observes how projecting strength just makes things worse.
•No, the fact Lincoln suspended habeas corpus during the Civil War does not mean it’s okay to do it now.
•Digby rips into a proposal for fixed Medicare benefits. Another Hullabaloo blogger discusses how little government funding goes to people under 30.
•Contractors push to put military technology into police hands.
•An account of how a humor book about werewolves was linked to a “satanic sex stabbing.” It’s a good reminder of the importance of not just parroting other news accounts when reporting. Meanwhile, a Civil War historian analyzes the politics of Gingrich’s new novel.
•If billionaires think Obama’s a big meanie, imagine how they’d react to Teddy Roosevelt or FDR.
•The FDA allows women to buy emergency contraception over the counter. So Obama overrules them. Digby adds comments here.
•And here’s a Supreme Court case on the right to face your accuser. It’s significant because it involves the defense’s right to question forensics experts about their analysis (as noted in the book reviewed here, it’s not infallible).

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