For a few links more

A mess of a day. Can’t quite bring myself to stop being productive yet, so as usual, I’m compromising with linkage.
•Ron Paul thinks returning to the gold standard will reign in government spending and improve the economy. This history discusses why that’s not the solution.
•Martin Luther King’s solution for poverty: A guaranteed income. Not quoted as advocacy, but so much of King’s political views on poverty and war get forgotten, I thought it was worth linking to.
•A former conservative sounds off about an anti-gay fact sheet.
Quotes from Pat Buchanan’s new book on why America will fall apart if white people aren’t in charge. And yet he’s still treated as if he were just a mainstream conservative.
•The Daily Howler points out that the flat tax proposals aren’t so flat, and aren’t necessarily simpler than a progressive tax. And here, the blog describes Maureen Dowd’s odd fondness for explaining all political campaigns in terms of Jane Austen.
•It’s always amusing when Republicans insist “divisive” arguments are bad. Of course, their definition of unity is “everyone do what we say” … Hullabaloo suggests Republicans just flinch because the criticism is accurate.
•An argument about abortion restrictions and that ultimately, the don’t work. This post discusses the different right-wing perspectives on abortion and why the science is irrelevant.
•A history of financial deregulation and the people responsible.
•Two columns on evangelical thought vs. secular thought, here and here. This piece from a right-wing site reveals that for some religious conservatives, the belief homosexuality can be cured is “Biblical orthodoxy.” It doesn’t reference the particular verse where Jesus told us that. Go figure.
•A British writer on why women with opinions are “the short skirts of the Internet” (i.e., if you have an opinion and you’re a woman, you’re asking for it).
•The DEA goes spec-ops to fight the drug lords. Their big worry? If something goes wrong, Congress might interfere! Meanwhile, Glenn Greenwald observes how regular cops are becoming increasingly militaristic in their responses to Occupy Wherever.
•The effect of the stars-and-bars on political attitudes.
•The ongoing right-wing criticism of all workers who aren’t hedge-fund managers continues. Once again, the goalposts are shifting: It used to be teachers were greedy selfish scum whenever they asked for raises. Now they’re greedy selfish scum just for being teachers.
•Roger Ebert mourns the death of film and the triumph of digital projection.
•A couple of columns on the defeat of Mississippi’s personhood amendment.
•Here’s a really creepy one: A for-profit privatized prison claims that as it’s not technically government, just a government contractor, brutalizing prisoners doesn’t violate the Eighth Amendment. A Supreme Court decision is expected eventually.
•No, rich politicians trying to help the poor is not hypocrisy.
•Are unpaid interns gaining valuable work experience or just serving as cheap labor?
That’s it for tonight. Off to bed early.


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