The crawling chaos—not much chaos, actually, but time was crawling

This week, things were back to normal and I was able to get a full week of writing done. It felt good.
I completed my eHows, submitted several stories (Number of the Least came back already, alas) and put in a full 12 hours of fiction. But it all went very, very slowly, or so it seemed.
Part of that is that I didn’t sleep well Sunday (not unknown right after the clocks get set back) and so I was crawling through my day Monday. But even the rest of the week, I seemed to take a lot more time than I should——partly some tough eHows, partly a lot of woolgathering when I should be working. Partly, I think, it’s that last week is the first time this year when I didn’t make my 12 hours of fiction (part of my 101 in 1,001 goals), so there’s a part of my mind whispering “well, you blew your goal, so does it really matter if you don’t write that much this week?”
Yes, of course it does. And starting next week, I hope to begin making up the time.
And by the end of the week, I was actually writing a lot faster, so maybe I’m coming out of last week’s funk. I got a lot of little stuff like cleaning and similar odds and ends completed too.
Brain From Outer Space proceeded slowly, but the work is looking good. Mage’s Masquerade, unfortunately, seems blocked: The ending needs changing, but I’m not sure how. And I keep thinking I need to increase the humorous and the romantic side of it, despite all the murder attempts and traitorous wizards running around. And as I’ve noted before, if my gut tells me stuff like that, it’s usually correct. So next week, I’ll try a full week of Brain and let Mage’s Masquerade sit until I can return to it with a clear head.
eHows this week:
•Internet Industry’s Growth Rate
•How to Track What Is Passing Through My Router?
•How to Sync a Mozilla Firefox Calendar With Multiple Computers
•Importance of Web Tier
•About: Blank Hijack Threat
•What Would I Need to Broadcast an FM Signal?
•How Do Broadcast Cameras Work?
•Definition of Discrete Memory on a Graphics Card
•How to Get the Best Use of a Yagi Antenna
•Camera Damage From Airport X-Rays
•Countries Left Behind Due to Lack of Computer Technology
•History of Intercom Systems
•Seven Ways to Test Browser Compatibility
•How to Break a Security-Enabled Network
•Switching Vs. Linear Power Supply
•Linux Cloud Printing
•What Is a DoubleClick Spotlight Tag?
•How a Yagi Antenna Works
•How to Interpret Microsoft Security Bulletins
•How to Install Snow Leopard on Tiger Without Erasing Files
•How to Design for Android
•How to Make a Network Use the Full Capacity
•The Disadvantages of Linear Programming
•The Techniques of Semantic Description
•How to Open a GHS File
•How to Open an XRF File

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