It’s been a long day.
TYG had an outpatient surgery today. It went well, but I found it much more stressful than I thought I would (and I wasn’t even under the knife). Then it took me an hour longer than necessary to get her medication due to a screw-up with the insurance (fixed, ultimately).
So as usual when I’m tired, here’s some links:
•I often think of the erosion of our civil liberties in the name of counter-terrorism as beginning under Bush II. This column points out that the Oklahoma City bombing also had an effect.
•The Daily Howler discusses how the press loves to jabber about politicians’ houses and their political significance.
•Another roundup of right-wing blogs by Roy Edroso. The bloggers’ topic: The evil of taxing the rich. Here’s another overview of rightbloggers horrified by the death of Libya’s Ghaddafi.
•Digby points out an interesting statistic about privatizing Social Security: If W. had passed his private-accounts proposal, the average worker would have lost $26,000 of their retirement fund.
•A judge is shocked, shocked and appalled that people think they have a right to record police behavior in a public place.
•Remember when Michelle Bachman claimed HPV vaccine causes mental retardation? A doctor argues it can actually prevent it.
•Republicans demand the Federal Reserve not do anything to improve the economy. Even wilder, Tea Party Nation is urging businesses to stop hiring in order to kill recovery and thereby teach Obama to stop pushing his evil socialist agenda.
No surprise on the first one: Republicans have stated repeatedly that making Obama a one-term president is their top priority. So if they think continued economic misery will do the job …
The second, I’m curious about. Does the TPN really believe that a business will refuse to hire workers it needs just to teach Obama a lesson? Or is this a kind of shout-out to the troops, reminding them that they’re the John Galtian wealth-creating heroes while Obama sells them out to the 47 percent of Americans who right wingers falsely claim don’t pay taxes (this reminds me a lot of the 2008 calls for rich people to “go Galt” and drop out of the economy).
•Speaking of which, here’s one take on those “I’m the 53 percent” counter-arguments. Here’s an even better one (I was thinking of doing a blog post on this guy, but it wouldn’t have been as good). And a writer offers a theory why the Baby Boom doesn’t get Occupy Wall Street.
•Herman Cain thinks he’s more of a real African-American than Obama. Whatever that means.
Proof you can be a successful investment guru, even when you’re basing you’re advice on a non-existent conspiracy.
•Thoughts on the concept of activist judges.
•The problem with regressive budget cuts. And no, a flat tax is not necessarily simpler than a progressive tax, as explained here here. And this is what Cain’s plan would do to taxpayers. Another columnist argues that if we want simple, there’s an easier way than a flat tax.
•Having killed Awlaki (the American Muslim the administration had assassinated), we’ve now got his teenage son’s head mounted on our wall as well.
I think that should do for today.


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