When did Kafka rewrite the Constitution?

Assassinating an American citizen who have never been convicted of a crime is a bad thing.
It’s worse when its based solely on White House assurance he’s a Very Bad Man and absolutely unquestionably a terrorist, even if the White House hasn’t presented evidence. Or even officially divulged the legal decisions that justify it, or said how this policy might work in future.
The fact that Anwar Awlaki——once held up as a valuable Muslim ally——had become a prominent anti-American spokesperson in response to our Middle Eastern policies——doesn’t change that. Hating the American government isn’t a crime (that’s why so patriot groups and militias are still walking around free). It’s true, as noted here, that the White House attorneys decided this was perfectly reasonable, but as that article and Marcy Wheeler point out, the decision seems to have been based on White House assurances that Awlaki had become an actual terrorist leader. And the White House put him on the kill list even before the lawyers vetted the prospect, even though the evidence (according to Reuters) was debatable.
In short, we assassinated a man——and killed another American citizen, not on any kill list, in the process——based on evidence the government won’t admit to, using policies the government won’t talk about and using a drone program the CIA denies exists. Apparently the Islamists aren’t the only ones who hate our freedoms. Glenn Greenwald rips into the same topic here.
In other news: Rightbloggers explain how Steve Jobs’ death proves liberals suck. Glenn Greenwald points out that Jobs attributes his success, in part, to drugs.
•Christians are outraged that Apple won’t let them use anti-gay iPhone apps. The Internet is no longer the home of free speech!
As someone who regularly checks in on hatemongering blogs, it’s safe to say, yes it is. If someone wants to post anti-gay, anti-woman, anti-black, anti-Muslim (etc.) material, they can find a place.
But putting the stuff on Apple’s proprietary system is another matter (though I’m going to make a wild guess that you can still send hate texts to cell phones). Plus, the assumption this is “anti-Christian” rather than “anti-gay” is dubious. Unless they have examples of some, you know, non-hatemongering apps that have been suppressed. Or they can show that white supremacists or militant atheists can post hate-apps.
Meanwhile, a Delaware county government continues to insist that saying the Lord’s Prayer before council meetings and no other prayers is not in any way shape or form a Christian statement because the prayer is common to all religions (it doesn’t make any more sense at the link).
•If you think replacing asphalt roads with gravel and turning out street lights is bad, Topeka has decided to stop prosecuting domestic violence. The county decided to save money by leaving misdemeanor prosecutions to the city; this is the city’s countermove.


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