And two of greater seriousness

Glenn Greenwald discusses the Obama administration’s increasing curtailing of free speech on the grounds that it promotes terrorism. Except none of the politicians (both Republican and Democrat) supporting the Iranian terrorist group MEK and propagandizing in its favor are being arrested. Nor are Sen. James Inhofe or Pat Robertson seeing any time in prison for saying America deserved 9/11. Nope. It’s only those who support groups the government doesn’t like, or who don’t have the connections of a Howard Dean (one of the MEK supporters) who get threatened with jail time.
Another threat: Dominionism, the belief that Christians (of the right sort) must have dominion over all fields of life: Politics, religious freedom (for some dominionists, unbelievers, sabbath breakers and homosexuals must all be put to death), entertainment, etc. And dominion means control: As one guy put it (I read the interview a few years ago), they will not be satisfied with a seat at the table because that means sitting down with people who are wrong, vile and agents of Satan. It’s the whole table for them.
For details, check out this post at Slacktivist, and the links, and various earlier posts on the blog. As Bachmann and Perry’s beliefs bring the religious right under scrutiny, there’s been a flurry of denial that dominionism really exists. Or that they really want to put anyone to death or take similar extreme measures. As Slacktivist details, it exists, and yes they do (a number right-wing religious leaders in the US have been supporting Uganda’s push to mandate the death penalty for gays).
Both these trends could do considerably more harm to this country, I suspect, than either emo-porn or Obama’s black flash mobs (as discussed in the previous post).


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