101 in 1,001 update

I’m now seven months into my 101 in 1,001 days to do list, and close to the end of my original list, and I think it’s going well.
With slightly under two months to the end of the original list (which I made up at the start of 2009, I have over 60 percent of my goals done, and there’s a couple more I still might complete (and some I know I won’t). I feel pleased.
For the current cycle (which will end in September of 2013), I have 10 goals done so far. A lot more of them are process goals—maintain my fiction-writing time (except when we have disasters like yesterday’s computer woes of course), keep the house clean, cook dessert once a month—so they won’t be ticked off until the very end. But so far, I’m keeping them up (there’s a few I’ve already fallen hopelessly behind on, but the rest I’m staying up with).
And I’m actually doing better on my writing goals—particularly finishing my short stories—than I expected to be at this point.
And there’s still more than two years to go, so I’m hopeful my percentage will be slightly higher.

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