The week and the 101

I haven’t updated my work on the 101 in 1001 goal list for May because there isn’t much new (other than finished stories which I’ve already mentioned as they got wrapped up). I didn’t complete anything, but I didn’t fall behind on any of the once-a-month goals either.
As to this week’s work, despite the dismal start, it went pretty well.
Savage Wild Magic (the Doc Savage’s daughter/Jim West’s son story) is closer to working. The plot is stronger and I have a better handle on the villain’s agenda. Oh, and I changed it to two female leads. I think it works better that way (but I may change it back).
•I reread Impossible Takes a Little Longer. As I noted last week, I was wondering if the middle of the novel had serious flaws. And yes, it does, but not as badly as I thought: It’s three chapters when KC (my protagonist) goes to New York that I lose the tension and the thread of the story. I think I’ve figured out how to fix it, though. There are a couple of smaller changes, but I think that within a few months I can put the rewrite to bed.
Brain From Outer Space, on the other hand, looks a lot weaker in the last chapters, partly because I didn’t rewrite them very much. At some level, I think I knew I needed to rework the early chapters a lot more before I assessed the finish.
A big part of the problem remains Dani’s personal arc, but I think I have that licked. If I move one scene up to the prologue and then move her role in a First Contact up to Chapter Two, I can work her entirely into an espionage plot I was thinking about (separate——seemingly——from what Steve is investigating).
And TYG completed that project she’s been working on, successfully, today. So that’s a load off our minds.
All in all, I count the week as a win.

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