Forgot this one!

As I noted back in March, Obama has presented his official Hawaiian birth certificate. The question is, from any rational point of view, settled.
But who said birthers were approaching this in a rational fashion? It’s true, as noted at the link, that some people on the president’s side are ineffective—failing to tell Trump how full of it he was—but even two years ago, various birther websites were arguing that even a legitimate birth certificate wouldn’t resolve their questions.
And sure enough, here’s a new angle on that: Even if all the other questions are answered, maybe the fact Obama’s father wasn’t American is grounds to disqualify him from the Oval Office!
It’s amusing to think that less than a decade ago, after Schwarzennegger took the California governor’s race, Republicans were calling for a Constitutional amendment to throw out the “natural born” requirement for presidency. It’s almost like a double standard or something.

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