Knocking off early

Heading out of town for the weekend to visit friends in South Carolina, so I’m probably offline until Monday. TYG won’t be able to come with me, alas, as she has house guests (I didn’t plan it that way—if I’d known the timing would conflict, I wouldn’t have committed to a weekend away). It’ll be the second time we’ve slept apart since I moved up here.
This week was … slow. Everything I did, it felt like I was pushing through molasses, and every project seemed to take just a teensy bit more time than it should have. Plus I had to revisit my dentist to get a filling adjusted (worked, too—there’s no pain there any more when I bite). So due to my 12 hours/week fiction commitment (in my 101 in 1,001 goal list) I’ll have to make up an extra 90 minutes of story-writing next week (doable).
As for specific projects:
•I redrafted Helping Hand of Death—now retitled No Good Deed Goes Unpunished—and while it’s very far form usable, it’s getting into a workable shape.
•I exceeded my quota on Brain From Outer Space this week. That’s partly because even after cutting out scenes that no longer have a place, a lot of the previous draft is still usable (I’m surprised how much). Dani’s new plotline is working out nicely, too, though I’m still not sure how it ends.
•I looked over And He Bought a Crooked Cat again and it may be ready for publication. I’ll give it a final check at the end of this month to see.
•I looked again at a novella about elves living in a small, Southern bedroom community which I last worked on a couple of years back. It suffers from my usual first-draft incoherence, but the core of the story and the characters look way better than I expected. I’m moving it up the priority list.
•I tried working on my Daughter of Doc Savage short story a little more, but I’ve still no idea where I’m going with it, so it wasn’t a very productive session.
And here’s the latest eHows:
•When Do You Surrender Your Home After a Bankruptcy?
•Is a 401(k) Loan Reportable on Your IRS Income Taxes?
•Mortgage Affordability Calculation
•When Should You Pay Points for a Mortgage?
•Sales Plan Vs. Marketing Plan
•What If I’m in Chapter 13 & Want a Divorce?
•Can I File Bankruptcy if I’m Single?
•Can I Write off My Car Lease?
•Filing Separate Vs. Joint Married Federal Taxes
•The Responsibility of a Deceased Spouse’s Debt
•When Can I File Again if Denied Discharge in a Bankruptcy?
•Is $20,000 Enough to Start a Small Business?
•Nevada Corporation Requirements
•What Kind of Auto Insurance Should You Have in Florida?
•What Income Is Exempt From Chapter 13?
•Statute of Limitations in North Carolina for Hospital Medical Bills
•Can an IRA Buy Gold?
•What Do You Pay for a VA Loan?
•Can You Lose Your Home for a Second Mortgage?
•Can I Put Jointly Held Property in a Living Trust?
•California Law Regarding Revocable Trusts
•Can I Deduct My Grown Child’s Medical Bills From My Taxes?
•Affordable Health Insurance for Artists
•Tennessee Law on a Living Trust
•What Determines If Bankruptcy Will Be Granted in New Jersey?
•What Assets Should Be Included in a Revocable Trust?
•Am I Liable for Property Taxes After Bankruptcy?
•Is Workers’ Comp Mandatory?
•Do I Have to File Taxes Jointly If I Just Got Married?
•The Business Benefits of Corporate Social Responsibility
•How Much Taxes Will I Pay When Selling My Small Business?
•Should You Take Out a Second Mortgage to Buy a Used Boat?
•What Is a Joint Account With Survivorship?
•How Is a Business Model Different From a Strategy?
•How to Start a Limousine Business in Texas
•How Can We Get Out of Debt?
•Employee Bonus Taxes
See y’all next week.

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