On a related matter …

Sort of related to the previous post, Echidne discusses, how some people dismiss the abuse women deal with online—in this case in the context of girl online gamers—as no big deal. It’s guys being guys, trash talking their opponents. Which ignores that “You asshole, I think you got a small dick lol” is a different kettle of fish from a woman being told someone wants to cut her to bits and rape the pieces.
Similarly, Satoshi Kanazawa, whose writing I discussed here, asserted in another article that it’s ridiculous to make an issue of sexual harassment—guys talk trash to women just like they belittle and talk trash to men, so it’s really very non-sexist.
Apparently it did not occur to Kanazawa that men’s reaction to someone cussing them out and calling them names might not be the same as when a woman hears she’ll have to give a blowjob to get her performance raise (and since the latter guy may be dead serious, it’s not really the same thing at all).
Once again, it’s a failure to imagine how the world looks from a position other than the one you occupy.

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