The kind of thing that annoys the heck out of me

So I start my first eHow of the day a little after 6:30 a.m. Topic: Spousal inheritance rights under Kansas law.
Piece of cake, right? I’ve done lots of that sort and it’s fairly simple—find the right statutes, find a couple of lawyer websites explaining it, and then rework the facts into an article.
Only several Google pages of searching turn up nada zip on Kansas lawyers explaining this stuff. Still, the statutes should do the trick, right?
Only the way they’re set up, the relevant statute is broken into so many individual pages I had 10 different tabs open without coming to the end. And that makes it hard to pull the knowledge together in my head.
So after about 45 minutes, I accept that I’m not going to be able to pull this off and release the article for someone else to handle. Which means I wasted a good hour of work.
That’s what annoys me. Normally if an article’s not working for me, I can figure it out within about 15 minutes. Taking almost an hour is sloppy work on my part. And even though it’s not going to leave me with red ink on the books, an hour of work for no income, purely because of my misjudgment, is not a happy thought.
But like most freelancers, it’s not the first time I’ve put in work on a project that couldn’t pay off. I’ll survive.

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