In which I create a new blog-post category

I suppose it’s a little depressing I have to create a category called “story problems.” Then again, the fact I usually overcome them, eventually, is a good thing, right?
The problem I’m particularly thinking of just now is how talky Brain From Outer Space looks a. As I’ve mentioned before, my early drafts tend to be talky, but I’m wondering if the problem doesn’t run deeper.
My multiple previous unpublished novels (of which one is still making the rounds, and another will be once I touch it up some) have been relatively action-packed. The villains are actively trying to crush my heroes and my heroes are fighting back against the seemingly impossible odds—you know the drill.
But while Torgo’s plan in Brain is suitably ambitious and the odds are reasonably impossible, for most of the book he’s in groundwork mode: Building connections, blackmailing individuals, plotting and preparing for the master stroke that will conquer America (and yes, there is a reason he can’t do it any sooner). The heroes don’t have anyone to fight so there’s lots of investigating which means an awful lot of talk.
So my choices are a)work in some more action. It’s doable—Torgo has every reason to want to kill Steve and Gwen and assassination usually means action. b)Start thinking of it as more of a detective novel than an action novel and work on making the talk as tense and conflict-laden as possible; c)Just move things around and make sure everyone’s doing something interesting while they’re talking. A lot of scenes wind up set in the same couple of offices, and that’s part of the problem. d)some combination of all three.
Possibly this is just the usual panic attack (Oh my god, the story’s a disaster! I’ll throw it all out and start over!) which it’s best to ignore—one of my friends could never ignore it and rewrote Chapter 1-3 multiple times before giving up.
But I suspect it’s a real problem. So I’ll have to choose a solution.t the moment

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