A mostly good week, but I’m glad it’s done

As with the previous week, this was a little disorganized. I had my regular doctor’s checkup Wednesday morning and my first visit to a Durham dentist in the afternoon. Looks like I’m due for my first filling in a couple of weeks.
This cost me less eHow time than I thought, which was pleasing, and despite a lot of above-average expenses (business license, some birthday presents, the trip down to Florida) my income covered my outgo. Always a nice feeling.
As for writing:
•I’ve sketched out a time frame for reworking Brain From Outer Space. If all goes as planned (cue the ominous music) it should be in replotted and in roughly finished form by the end of September.
•Went over the various short stories again and they look good. I’m going to put them away for a month, look at them at the end of March and if there are no problems, I’ll have them out in April.
•My McFarland royalties came in. Only two of Screen Enemies sold for the accounting period, alas (plus some copies of my earlier books). So I’ll have to wait until September for more.
•My conspiracy theory comedy, Original Synergy came back from Tor.com. Out again next month! Although I’ve no idea where yet (for various reasons, it’s a hard one to place).
And that’s about it. Goodness, for what felt like a busy, frantic week, it’s not much to talk about.

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