Midweek progress report

Despite some severe insomnia, I managed to make my eHow goals for Monday and Tuesday, and put in work on Cover Stories and Who Watches the Watchmen, both of which are looking good.
Today, I was a little off-balance: I discovered TYG is off on Friday, so I will be too, so I put in extra eHows to make up for the time off. Happily, Demand Media just started a new project, writing articles for the TurboTax website. The pay is $40 per article, and they invited me to participate; needless to say, I jumped at it. It’s only a short-term thing, but I intend to squeeze the most out of it I can.
And the really cool news: Screen Enemies of the American Way is now available for sale. It’s always an incredible kick seeing my book in print—more so now that I have TYG to celebrate with. Amusingly, my author’s copies actually came last week, but I assumed it was a Christmas gift and placed it next to the tree. Then today I checked out the return address …

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