I came, I saw, I indexed!

I finished the cast/credit section which is, obviously, the most top-heavy on names. 26 pages, took me … well, I wasn’t keeping track, but a lot of hours. Exacerbated by a couple of non-writing emergencies (resolved now).
The remainder of the book will be relatively simple. I should be back to normal blogging next week.
I am slightly annoyed to discover—
a)I left out Million Eyes of Sumuru and The Enemy Within from the cast/credit section. Hopefully we can squeeze them in at the end.
b)I keep thinking of things I should have mentioned, like the fact the shopping scene at the end of the Stepford Wives remake has to be an intentional imitation of the shopping scene at the end of the original. Of course, that just drives home how much better the first one was: It ends on a note of horror as the fembots carry out their duties, while the second one is a wacky note of fun—what could be a better punishment for all those guys mindcontrolling their wives than making them do girly stuff like grocery shopping? Not to mention that in this version, it’s ultimately a woman who’s behind it all, not the men. And that although Kidman’s the lead, it’s Broderick who’s technically the hero—if he didn’t relent on mindwiping her, she had no solution to saving herself. As I’ve said before, it’s made 30 years after the original and it’s actually more sexist.
Okay, that rant over—one thing which does interest me is when I do the cast/credits, names keep popping up, over and over in different movies. Nothing worth mentioning immediately comes to mind, but it always surprises me. And it shows why having a good index is worthwhile—anyone wanting to look up Roland Got or Philip Ahn films in my book can find them easily enough.
Sorry this is a little rambling, but it’s been a looooooong day.

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